Welcome!  Our two directors Chris & Tony are born/ bred Sydney NSW residents. They are early eCommerce experts with a few other big name websites in their stable. We are online shopping champions and we love what we do! 

IT Stores is a Covid success story. Lock down in 2020 gave us time at home so they built the eShop with early success. The secret they believe is great customer service. If you call us, good chance Chris or Tony will answer as they love speaking to you.

What else do we do?

Ck Stores is our parent company for tech, print & fragrance
Check it out Webscents or Cartridgestore, in NZ too!

A great experience is more than an easy online checkout. We offer value with quality products, support, local stock, fast shipping and product knowledge.

We have a young & dynamic team eager to disrupt tech eCommerce to give you a refreshing, customer-first focus with a person you can speak to and have your emails answered. Check out our reviews! 

The boring stuff:

IT Stores is a division of CK Stores P/L under registration ACN 159 935 958.

We are based in Darlinghurst NSW, Australia. You can contact us on 02 8007 6260 during normal business hours or sales@itstores.com.au at any time.